A Punk Rock Love | Downtown Riverside, CA | Cassandra + Stephen

OH MY GEEE My best friend is getting married y’all! I can’t even begin to describe my excitement for my girl but honestly you guys, their engagement session was BAD ASS! We literally hit the slums, drank some beer, laughed a lot and took some amazing photos!

Here is a little insight on Cass and Stephen’s vision for their session. These two not what you would call "traditional" in any way, shape or form. When it came time for them to decide on engagement photos, they knew they needed to do something "out of the box" and stick to who they are as a couple but also as individuals.

Stephen and Cassandra both grew up on punk rock and knew they had to incorporate some kind of anarchy too, because duh! They chose Riverside because Stephen’s company is in Downtown Riverside, and downtown holds a lot of meaning for Stephen. So the location was a no-brainer.

Cassandra didn't want the typical beach, meadow, mountain top or other classically beautiful back drops for her engagement shoot. You see, Stephen and Cassandra always connected on finding beauty in things others may not find beautiful on the outside. While they love a gorgeous ocean view they didn't think that would represent them as well as an empty rooftop parking lot and Stephen’s beloved Jeep.

Together they have been through so much and much of that has not been so beautiful. They wanted their engagement session to be exactly how they are, in love and no matter where or what's to come at them, they are in it together. Through smoke; maybe even bright green smoke ;) graffiti stained streets, with only a single shirt on her back, while dressed in the prettiest of gowns, from richer or poorer, through memories and battle scars they will still be standing, together. 

This awesome engagement session was featured on The Knot’s, How they asked! Click here to go check it out!