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1.     What made you choose Rachael Marie Boudoir? 

Other than the fact that she is an AMAZING photographer? I knew I wanted to do something like this for my soon to be hubby to give him on our wedding day. After we chose Rachael to be our photographer for our Big Day, i expressed interest in doing a boudoir shoot. Little did I know she is a ROCKSTAR in boudoir photography as well. I was always super comfortable around her and she always made me feel so good about myself so it was a really easy decision to take the dive and do my boudoir shoot with Rachael. 

2.     Did you have any fears about doing a boudoir session? 

My main fear was being embarrassed. I’m curvy and you don’t typically see curvy ladies doing boudoir. I also am so not the person to take pictures with just myself and I kind of felt funny and awkward about it as the date got closer. 

3.     What was your favorite part about your experience?

I seriously loved the entire thing. I got my hair and makeup done and had a mimosa...or two. Rachael picked the lingerie from the pile I had brought, which was great because I had no clue what to wear. She made me feel so comfortable and everything was so easy. I loved being able to put on different options and change the look. I wanted sexy and classy with a little bit of edgy and I feel we totally hit the nail on the head. 

4.     How was the session different than what you originally thought? 

I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck and I was not at all. I also didn’t think we’d take as many pictures as we did. 

5.     How did you feel when you saw your photos? 

I fell over. I could not stop staring at them! I was shocked. I looked so sexy and so confident in every single picture. I shared them with my closest girls friends right away. I was and still am so proud of those pictures. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Chad’s reaction was going to be like when I gave them to him because he had absolutely no idea I had done them. 

6.     Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty because of the session? 

I feel much more confident. I also have 100% learned to love every single curve and bump I have on my body. I have always compared my looks to everyone around me and I’ve stopped. I’ve been given this rockin bod and I need to own it. I love the way I look and I wouldn’t change anything! 

7.     Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session? 

DO IT!!! Find someone that your are comfortable with and book it! I went into the session just thinking I was going to be taking sexy pictures for my husband and I left with this boost of confidence and love my own body. Tell your photographer what you feel your good side is and what you don’t love as much. I did this with Rachael and she killed it with posing me and letting me do my thing. 

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