Renee Turns


My dear friend Renee has turned 40 today and before I was coming to Oklahoma back in August, I told Renee we should totally do a fun shoot for her birthday. Something girly and completely out of her comfort zone!  Of course, she was down but man trying to get all our shit down to the "perfect" spot was a bit sketchy lol!  We literally pilled EVERYTHING onto my brother in-law’s 4wheller!

This shoot is hands down this is by the far the best shoot I've ever done! I mean, we were literally in the middle of a flippin storm!  It was thundering so loud and there were some sprinkles of rain but we totally embraced the crazy and went with it. I’m really lucky to call this girl my friend. She's been there for me and my family, she always lets my husband and I’s CRAZY kiddos stay with her, no questions asked and she has supported me in my photography since I got started.  Thank you Renee and I hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!