Hi, I’m Rachael

I’m a Navy veteran, a wife to an incredibly supportive and handsome husband who is still currently serving. I’m a mommy to an outspoken cheerleading diva who we call Lilli, a beautiful son, Garret, who smiles down on all of us from heaven, a smug little angel by the name of Harper and our latest and last little redhead addition, Kendall.

I pretty much live on coffee, and I swear to you, gangster rap is what gets me through my late-night edits, ha! I have a killer sweet tooth, and homemade chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.. Well pretty much anything that is a baked good! I love all things spicy, and for the longest time, I thought Tajin was a candy! Oops!

Some of favs are Strong Coffee | Ripped Jeans | Cardi B | Micheladas

I’ve been shooting weddings for three years now which has been amazing to be in a world that is surrounded by love, happiness, and friendships. I love everything photography stands for. It’s not just about pretty photos but preserving precious and intimate moments to take with you forever.


My Family