my approach

I’ve been shooting weddings for years now and I’ve learned so much about myself.  I can quickly adapt to shifting timelines and think quick on my feet when the day might not be going according to plan. I’m detail oriented and WHEN i'm shooting any type of portraits, i care about the details. in other words, i'm a hands on photographer.  if your train isn't just right, i'm here to fix it. i'll be sure your bouquet is held IN the perfect spot, his jacket is buttoned and of course, your squad is on point because I really want you guys to look and feel your best, okkkuuuurrr! I’m a sentimental individual and I catch myself getting all in my feelings on your wedding day by things like; first looks, vows and definitely the father of the bride speech.  I’m also a person who values family and friends and hold them close to my heart. I pour everything into your wedding day because I want to make sure your experience is effortless and comfortable. I want to take portraits you're in love with and when you look back at your wedding photos, you're overcome with  the love you both felt that day.  

Hey Friends, I’m Rachael

many years ago I served in the Navy.  though i did not meet My husband there, he is still in serving our finest navy. We are a blended family and together we have five girls.  Crazy I know! 
I pretty much live on coffee, i love curse words (ugh i'm a sailor and can't help it) i love gangster rap and murder mystery podcasts, its what gets me through my all day editing, ha! I have a killer sweet tooth, and homemade chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.. Well pretty much anything that is a baked good! I love all things spicy, and for the longest time, I thought Tajin was a candy!  Oops! I would describe my style of photography as fun, easy-going, warm, moody, romantic and intimate.                                                


some of my favs

              Coffee | Ripped Jeans | Cardi B |Micheladas 

sweet words